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Our Mission

Save Our States educates Americans about the importance of the Electoral College and the danger of the National Popular Vote campaign, which would nullify the Electoral College without a constitutional amendment.

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Saving the Electoral College

Posted by Trent England on Nov 09, 2020

I call it a “toothpaste issue,” as in “you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube.” If we lose the Electoral College—our state-by-state process for electing the president—we won’t get it back. And…

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Colorado result puts lie to NPV ‘polls’

Posted by Trent England on Nov 04, 2020

For years, the National Popular Vote lobbying campaign has peddled polls that claim it is overwhelmingly popular. Of course, the group pays for these polls, and most people take them with many grains…

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Electoral College benefits visible as votes are counted; Colorado ‘popular vote’ measure remains close

Posted by Trent England on Nov 04, 2020

While the outcome remains uncertain, the Electoral College is working as designed. Each state ran its own election and now each is responsible for fairly counting its votes. Any disputes will be cont…

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Republic or Democracy: The Real Debate

Posted by Trent England on Nov 02, 2020

A debate I participated in last week in Denver went to the heart of the fight between those pushing the National Popular Vote interstate compact (NPV) and those of us defending the Electoral College.…

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Electoral College well worth the trade offs

Posted by Trent England on Oct 27, 2020

Some people bemoan the fact that not every state in every presidential election is a toss-up, or battleground. But that’s political reality down the ballot, too. And the cost of seeing fewer televisi…

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Where do presidential electors come from?

Posted by Trent England on Oct 15, 2020

Some questions make parents squirm. One that might come up between now and Election Day is: Where do presidential electors come from? Few people know how this works. It all starts at state political…

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Law professor warns against ‘ill-conceived’ national popular vote

Posted by Trent England on Oct 01, 2020

Prolific author and law professor Richard Epstein published a defense of the Electoral College last Saturday in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. After a succinct description of the history leading to th…

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Even the Washington Post admits NPV would not create a ‘national popular vote’

Posted by Trent England in Threats on Sep 29, 2020

Resistance to the National Popular Vote interstate compact (NPV) today comes from an unexpected corner: Washington Post columnist Charles Lane. He correctly points out that “there is no such thing as…

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Gary Johnson’s argument for NPV upended by numbers

Posted by Trent England on Sep 25, 2020

Does voting for a losing candidate mean the vote is “wasted,” or the voter was “disenfranchised”? Unless an election comes down to a single vote (it happens), no individual vote is decisive. But ever…

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