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Our Mission

Save Our States educates Americans about the importance of the Electoral College and the danger of the National Popular Vote campaign, which would nullify the Electoral College without a constitutional amendment.

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Tyranny of the Majority and Winner-Take-All

Posted by Sean Parnell in Electoral College on Nov 21, 2019

One of the many arguments for retaining the Electoral College and its state-by-state process for electing the president is that it provides a check on raw majoritarian power, sometimes referred to a…

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NPV founder having second thoughts?

Posted by Trent England in Threats on Nov 18, 2019

Fifteen states have joined an agreement that would fundamentally change how the President of the United States is elected. Under the terms of the National Popular Vote interstate compact (NPV), state…

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Hillsdale President Larry Arnn on the Electoral College

Posted by Guest Author on Aug 30, 2019

Outraged Hillary Clinton supporters want to get rid of the Electoral College. Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn explains in The Wall Street Journal why this would be a "disaster." The Constituti…

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What is National Popular Vote?

Posted by Guest Author in Threats on Jun 03, 2019

In the aftermath of the 2000 presidential election, some Al Gore supporters determined to do away with the Electoral College. Amending the Constitution is hard—rightly so. So these disappointed Gore …

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The Electoral College protects Middle America

Posted by Guest Author in Electoral College on May 24, 2019

SOS Director Trent England writes in USA Today that the National Popular Vote interstate compact, if it takes effect, would mean “rural and small town Americans who supply our food and energy will lo…

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Hillary deserved to lose, the Electoral College deserves to stay

Posted by Guest Author in Electoral College on May 16, 2019

In 2016, the system worked. It was not a “wrong-winner election” or a fluke. One reason the American Founders put the Electoral College into the Constitution was to protect against regional politics.…

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Electoral College is good for Kansas

Posted by Guest Author in Electoral College on May 03, 2019

The Constitution is full of checks and balances, and the Electoral College was created to put some balance in presidential elections. The will of the people matters, but it is filtered through states…

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