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Our Mission

Save Our States educates Americans about the importance of the Electoral College and the danger of the National Popular Vote campaign, which would nullify the Electoral College without a constitutional amendment.

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National Popular Vote’s misleading baseball analogy

Posted by Guest Author in Threats on Oct 03, 2011 reports that National Popular Vote has launched a new advertising campaign in Pennsylvania. NPV hopes to dampen enthusiasm for a proposal to award Pennsylvania’s electors by congressio…

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Does NPV ensure that votes are not “wasted”?

Posted by Guest Author in Threats on Aug 29, 2011

A common argument made in favor of NPV (or any national direct election plan) is that it keeps votes from being “wasted.” Editorialists such as this one argue, for example, “Did you know that the 1.2…

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George Soros Supports the Tea Party?

Posted by Guest Author on Aug 16, 2011

Or So National Popular Vote Wants You to Believe By: Tara Ross & Trent England Even as the rest of the country focuses on the economy, the inventor of the scratch-off lottery ticket continues hi…

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NPV claims fall flat

Posted by Guest Author in Threats on Aug 04, 2011

In the last two days, I've debated four National Popular Vote advocates in two cities and spoken about the issue as part of a panel presentation on federalism. Here are a few things I noted from the …

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Myths of National Popular Vote

Posted by Guest Author in Threats on Mar 29, 2011

Traveling around the country defending federalism and the Electoral College, I have heard an amazing array of different--sometimes contradictory--claims made by National Popular Vote (NPV) advocates.…

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The surprise awaiting state legislators

Posted by Guest Author on Jan 05, 2011

Newly elected legislators may be in for a surprise when state legislative sessions begin this month. They doubtless anticipate a focus on the economy, health care, budget deficits, and taxes—all issu…

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D.C. mayor ditches the Electoral College

Posted by Tara Ross in Threats on Oct 18, 2010

The National Popular Vote plan is one step closer to becoming law in Washington, D.C. Last week, Mayor Adrian Fenty signed the bill, which was approved by the D.C. Council in September. Congress has …

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The Electoral College takes another hit

Posted by Tara Ross in Threats on Sep 22, 2010

And so the dominoes continue to fall. The D.C. Council yesterday approved the National Popular Vote plan that has been pending before several state legislatures. D.C.’s approval comes less than two m…

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