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Save Our States is the one group dedicated to defending the Electoral College from the dangerous National Popular Vote campaign, which would nullify the Electoral College without a constitutional amendment.

What is NPV?

Today, states worth 196 electoral votes have passed NPV legislation. This means NPV is 73% of the way to nullifying the Electoral College without amending the Constitution.

Abolishing the Electoral College is on the Left’s agenda. But few realize a campaign is underway to nullify the Electoral College without changing the Constitution.

After Al Gore’s loss in 2000, three liberal law professors formed a plan to manipulate the Electoral College to force it to rubber stamp the popular vote result. Leftist mega-donor John Koza turned their idea into the National Popular Vote campaign (NPV).

States that adopt NPV will ignore their own voters and instead choose Presidential Electors based on the national popular vote. This would create a de facto direct election. The NPV compact takes effect if joined by states worth 270 electoral votes.

Status of NPV

The Save Our States Story

In 2008, NPV won states worth 38 electoral votes. At that pace, it would have taken effect by 2016.

Recognizing this serious threat to our republic, attorney and legal scholar Trent England created Save Our States in 2009. Working with author Tara Ross and election policy expert Sean Parnell, Save Our States became the only organized opposition to NPV.

Trent has testified at dozens of hearings and visited with legislators from Juneau to Augusta to Sacramento. His work has convinced many legislators—even former sponsors of NPV—to become defenders of the Electoral College.

If not for the work of Save Our States, NPV would have been in effect before the 2016 election.

What We Do

Save Our States provides experts to meet with legislators, appear in the media, write articles, and speak to groups. Our work educates policymakers and the public about the genius of the American Founders, the importance of the Electoral College, and the dangers of NPV.

Save Our States has worked on the ground in 35 states. NPV has failed in at least 24 states because of our educational efforts. From 2012 to 2018, Save Our States defeated NPV in almost every state where they pushed their plan.

Today, even more is required to stop, roll back, and ultimately defeat NPV. Save Our States is increasing our efforts ... but we need your help. Support us in the fight!

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Save Our States is a project of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

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