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Save Our States defends our state-by-state presidential election process—the Electoral College—as an essential part of our constitutional system of states and a protection of our freedom.

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Tyranny of the Majority and Winner-Take-All

Sean Parnell - Nov 21


One of the many arguments for retaining the Electoral College and its state-by-state process for electing the president is that it provides a check on raw majoritarian power, sometimes referred to as the “tyranny of the majority.”

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What is National Popular Vote?

Trent England - Jun 03


In the aftermath of the 2000 presidential election, some Al Gore supporters determined to do away with the Electoral College. They called their plan, and the organization they created to push it, National Popular Vote.

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The Electoral College protects Middle America

Trent England - May 24

Electoral College

SOS Director Trent England writes in USA Today that the National Popular Vote interstate compact, if it takes effect, would mean “rural and small town Americans who supply our food and energy will lose their voice.”

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