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Why safe states” matter

Trent England - Jul 31, 2020

A charge often leveled against the Electoral College is that it’s unfair when campaigns focus on “swing states.” But in every election, some voters and communities get more attention than others. “Safe states” are not ignored—they are relied on by the candidates they already support.

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North Carolina Op-Ed Falsely Links Slavery and the Electoral College

Sean Parnell - Jul 15, 2020

Electoral College

An oft-repeated but false claim about the Electoral College is that it was created as part of a bargain to preserve slavery and bolster the political power of Southern states. A recent op-ed in the Hickory Daily Record, a local paper in North Carolina, repeats this inaccurate charge, and a few others as well. In the interest of correcting the record, below is a refutation of the two most significant inaccurate statements in the piece.

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