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NPV’s large thermal exhaust ports

Sean Parnell - Jan 19, 2021

In their attempt to subvert the Electoral College’s state-by-state process of electing the president, NPV advocates have created a system that is destined to fail if it ever becomes fully operational.

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What happens on January 6th?

Trent England - Dec 16, 2020

The Constitution sets up a framework for presidential elections—the state-by-state process now known as the Electoral College—but leaves the details to state legislatures and to Congress.

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The Electoral College and Campaign 2020

Trent England - Nov 25, 2020

Electoral College

Every four years, millions of Americans wind up on the losing side and thus disappointed by the presidential election. These wins and losses too often color how we see our political institutions. This is certainly true of the often misunderstood Electoral College.

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