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The Electoral College and Campaign 2020

Trent England - Nov 25, 2020

Electoral College

Every four years, millions of Americans wind up on the losing side and thus disappointed by the presidential election. These wins and losses too often color how we see our political institutions. This is certainly true of the often misunderstood Electoral College.

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The myth of wrong-winner’ elections

Sean Parnell - Nov 20, 2020

It is highly misleading to claim that there have been “wrong winner” elections when the winners all campaigned under the rules in place at the time, and it is impossible to know the outcome under different rules.

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National Popular Vote and rural America

Sean Parnell - Nov 16, 2020

Under the National Popular Vote interstate compact (NPV), Americans who live in small towns and rural areas would largely be ignored while candidates focus on population-dense major metropolitan areas.

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The National Popular Vote Myth

Trent England - Nov 12, 2020


Traveling around the country defending the Electoral College, I have heard an amazing array of different--sometimes contradictory--claims made by National Popular Vote (NPV) advocates.

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