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Defending the Electoral College since 2009

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what are you looking for?


Defending the Electoral College since 2009

2024 presidential race reminds us: states matter

Posted by Trent England on Nov 15, 2022

The midterm elections are over, so now the question is: Who will be the Democratic and Republican nominees for President in 2024? Americans will sort that out over the next 18 months. Assuming Joe Bi…

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National Popular Vote's Fishy Tales

Posted by Sean Parnell on Nov 12, 2022

More than two years ago I wrote a post titled “NPV to Maine: Drop Dead” inspired by a lobbyist for the National Popular Vote interstate compact (NPV) complaining that in order to win the electoral vo…

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2016 “National Popular Vote” winner… Donald Trump?

Posted by Sean Parnell on Nov 10, 2022

A critical weakness of the National Popular Vote interstate compact (NPV) is the lack of an official national vote count. Instead, the compact gives the chief election official in each member state—…

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Electoral Count Reform Act poses serious problems for National Popular Vote

Posted by Sean Parnell in Threats on Oct 07, 2022

There’s been a lot of analysis and commentary about legislation dubbed the “Electoral Count Reform Act” (ECRA), introduced by U.S. Senator Susan Collins (a similar bill, but with less bipartisan supp…

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The Electoral College did not end Roe v. Wade

Posted by Sean Parnell on Jun 28, 2022

The Supreme Court’s decision striking down the landmark Roe v. Wade decision has sparked a political and social firestorm, with many sharply criticizing the court’s decision while others praise it. S…

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January 6th committee member has it backward

Posted by Trent England in Threats on Jun 14, 2022

A member of the January 6th Select Committee, Rep. Jamie Raskin is one of the most far-left members of Congress. He represents Maryland’s extremely Gerrymandered eighth district, which is dominated b…

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The latest silly partisan attack on Electoral College

Posted by Trent England on Apr 28, 2022

Usually, it’s Democrats claiming that the Electoral College hurts their party, but sometimes a Republican gets in on that game. Columnist Rachel Alexander recently regurgitated a series of National P…

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Are Democrats at a structural disadvantage?

Posted by Trent England on Apr 20, 2022

Candidate Joe Biden walking with supporters at an event in Clear Lake, Iowa. Photo by Gage Skidmore A recent New York Times column by Ross Douthat asks whether “Democrats [will] soon be locked out of…

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Time is running out

There is a real, immediate threat to the constitutional way we elect our president. National Popular Vote is 76% of the way to implementing their dangerous plan.