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Defending the Electoral College since 2009

Abraham Lincoln and the Electoral College

Posted by Trent England on Feb 12, 2022

Today is the birthday of our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. In four ways, Lincoln’s presidency and legacy reveals the importance of the Electoral College. First, Lincoln won the Republican nominat…

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Possible ECA reforms demonstrate vulnerability of NPV

Posted by Sean Parnell on Feb 11, 2022

The Electoral Count Act of 1887 (ECA), a federal law establishing the process for states to certify their appointment of presidential electors and Congress to count their electoral votes, appears lik…

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Maine’s New Law Shows Democracy Is Not Just Majoritarianism

Posted by Sean Parnell on Jan 14, 2022

A common claim by advocates of the National Popular Vote interstate compact (NPV) is that the Electoral College is “undemocratic” because it violates the principle of “one person, one vote.” For exam…

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Does presidential politics influence disaster declarations?

Posted by Sean Parnell on Jan 14, 2022

Key Points The states with the most major disaster declarations over the past 20 years have generally been uncompetitive, led by Oklahoma and also including California, New York, and Texas.Several of…

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Majority of Michiganders believe their votes should stay in Michigan, new research finds

Posted by Guest Author in State Updates on Nov 14, 2021

WASHINGTON, Nov. 14, 2021, – Today, Save Our States, a national group working to defend the Electoral College, released important polling from Michigan regarding the National Popular Vote (NPV) inter…

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NPV won't bring out California republicans

Posted by Sean Parnell on Sep 15, 2021

Lobbyists for the National Popular Vote interstate compact (NPV) pitch their scheme to Republican lawmakers as a way to help their party win elections. As I understand the argument, large numbers of …

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How can states defend the Electoral College?

Posted by Sean Parnell on Sep 13, 2021

Key Points States can help to educate voters about the Electoral College by listing presidential electors on the ballot and by passing resolutions explaining its importance.Legislators can call …

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NPV activists vs. NPV lobbyists in Florida

Posted by Trent England on Sep 08, 2021

A funny thing about the National Popular Vote campaign, which pushes the National Popular Vote interstate compact, is how often its official lobbyists are contradicted by all its other supporters. Th…

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Can non-member states thwart the NPV compact?

Posted by Sean Parnell on Aug 24, 2021

Key Points The National Popular Vote interstate compact (NPV) relies on the full cooperation of non-member states, making it likely to cause an electoral crisis because non-member states need not …

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Time is running out

There is a real, immediate threat to the constitutional way we elect our president. National Popular Vote is 76% of the way to implementing their dangerous plan.