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How the 12th Amendment affects vice presidential picks

July 5, 2024 by Michael C. Maibach in Electoral College

During this presidential campaign year, there is, as always, speculation on vice presidential choices. One feature of these conversations is that it is unwise to have presidential and vice presidenti…

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School board elections shouldn’t be separate

June 5, 2024 by Sean Parnell in Elections

I recently wrote about the problem of low turnout in mayoral races, which appears to be caused by scheduling them (many of them, at least) separately from elections for federal and state elections. M…

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What the Tiananmen Massacre means in the United States today

June 4, 2024 by Trent England in Foreign Threats

Thirty-five years ago today, the Chinese Communist Party directed its military to crush pro-freedom demonstrators in Beijing. Since that time, the CCP has systematically suppressed information about …

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Sign up for a virtual event on the dangers of TikTok

June 3, 2024 by Harry Roth in Foreign Threats

The Institute of World Politics is hosting an event on the threat posed by TikTok, featuring The Epoch Times Senior Editor Jan Jekielek. The event will take place this Thursday, June 6, at 3:00 p.m. …

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Maine Democrats Called Out

May 31, 2024 by Trent England in Electoral College

“Those in glass houses should not throw stones.” That old saying is a warning against hypocrisy, something certain Mane Democrats should consider after forcing their state into the National Popular V…

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Confucius Institutes: A case study in CCP influence operations

May 29, 2024 by Trent England in Foreign Threats

In 2019, law enforcement reported that “the Chinese government [poses] a particular threat to U.S. academia” and “does not play by the same rules of academic integrity that U.S. educational instituti…

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Parnell in The Center Square

May 29, 2024 by Trent England in Electoral College

Our own Sean Parnell recently had a column warning of the threat of John Koza’s National Popular Vote interstate compact (NPV) in The Center Square, a new and rapidly growing provider of statehouse n…

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Tara Ross and Michael Maibach explain the Electoral College

May 28, 2024 by Harry Roth in Electoral College

Save Our States distinguished fellow Michael Maibach and author Tara Ross joined the Independent Women's Network to discuss the Electoral College. With the 2024 presidential election less than six mo…

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Unfinished Recounts and litigation could thwart the compact

May 10, 2024 by Sean Parnell in Electoral College

One thing is clear from my years defending the Electoral College: the people at NPV, Inc. don’t understand the presidential election process or how the compact is supposed to work. For example, in a …

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NPV compact losing electoral votes?

May 9, 2024 by Trent England in Electoral College

Yes, the NPV compact has lost electoral votes twice despite no state (yet) repealing it. How is that possible? The answer reveals one more way the compact is unstable—and poorly drafted. Every ten ye…

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