Save Our States - The status of NPV

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The status of National Popular Vote

The NPV interstate compact has a “trigger”—the legislation only takes effect once passed by enough states that they would control a majority of electoral votes (270 out of 538) and thus the outcome of presidential elections.

Legislatures in 15 states and DC have passed NPV legislation, controlling a total of 196 electoral votes. However, voters in Colorado will vote in November 2020 on whether to get their state out of NPV. (And, because of reapportionment after the 2020 census, NPV will lose a few electoral votes in 2021.)

Dark blue states on this map have passed NPV legislation. In the light-blue states, at least one legislative chamber has passed an NPV bill. In every other state, NPV has at least introduced legislation.

NPV’s team of high-priced state and national lobbyists are active across the country, but Save Our States is working hard to educate lawmakers about the danger of NPV and the importance of the Electoral College.