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Defending the Electoral College and the Constitution since 2009

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Who’s behind NPV?

John Koza, founder and chairman of NPV, made his fortune from the scratch-off lottery. He didn’t buy a ticket—he invented them and then lobbied state governments to create lottery monopolies using his patented system. Koza has bragged that NPV is an “end run” around the Constitution. Federal Election Commission records also show Koza has donated over $1.5 million to Democratic and Socialist federal candidates.

NPV President Barry Fadem was Koza’s lottery lobbyist and is another donor to far-left political causes. Another NPV board member, Chris Pearson, is a Vermont State Senator and a member of the Progressive Party who got his start in politics working for Bernie Sanders.

The idea of using state legislation to hijack the Electoral College originated with three law professors who were unhappy that Al Gore lost in 2000. Brothers Akhil Amar and Vikram David Amar proposed the idea, as did another law professor, Robert Bennett. Koza developed their concept into the NPV interstate compact and campaign.