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Defending the Electoral College and the Constitution since 2009

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Save Our States

Save Our States defends the constitutional power of the states and helps them use that power to defend our republic.

Save Our States was established in 2009 to defend the Electoral College, in particular from the National Popular Vote campaign, and to make the case for constitutional federalism.

In 2008, states worth 38 electoral votes joined the National Popular Vote interstate compact (NPV). At that pace, it would have taken effect by 2016.

Recognizing this threat to our republic, attorney and legal scholar Trent England created Save Our States. Working with author Tara Ross and election policy expert Sean Parnell, Save Our States became the only group dedicated to defending the Electoral College.

In 2023, Save Our States added work on other state election issues. These include promoting trust and participation in elections by opposing ranked-choice voting and supporting efforts to consolidate election days. More recently, we have engaged with partners to make the case that states can do more to protect against some of the most dangerous threats to our nation.

What We Do

Save Our States provides experts to meet with legislators, appear in the media, write articles, and speak to civic organizations. Our work educates policymakers and the public about the genius of our constitutional structure of states, and what legislatures can do to preserve and protect it.

We have worked on the ground in 35 states, providing testimony at dozens of hearings and visiting with legislators from Juneau to Augusta to Sacramento. Our staff have written books, appeared on national television programs, advised state education officials, and produced a feature-length documentary film.

Today we continue working to stop, roll back, and fully defeat NPV. And we are increasing our efforts to ensure states fulfill their role in our constitutional republic ... but we need your help.

Support us in this fight!

Save Your State

To save our republic, we must save our states—and state officials must use their own constitutional powers rather than waiting on federal officials.

Your state can defend the Electoral College, promote honest elections, protect our economy, and safeguard our infrastructure against foreign threats—but policymakers need to hear from you.