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Defending the Electoral College and the Constitution since 2009

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Defend the Electoral College in Michigan

The NPV campaign has set its sights on Michigan. For fifteen years, NPV lobbyists have tried to convince Michigan legislators to give away the state’s voice in presidential elections. Your legislators need to hear from you.

The Electoral College provides checks and balances that safeguard our presidential elections. Our constitutional election process ensures that voters in each state have their own voice. It also reduces threats from fraud or mistakes, and keeps states in charge of elections.

NPV seeks to destroy all this. It is an interstate compact, passed as state legislation, to change how presidential electors are chosen. States would ignore their own voters and give away their electoral votes based on the national popular vote. It takes effect if passed in states that together control 270 or more electoral votes—a majority that would control who becomes president.

So far, 17 states with 209 electoral votes have passed NPV, putting the compact 77% of the way to hijacking the Electoral College.

Legislators should protect Michigan voters and oppose the NPV scheme.

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