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Defend the
Electoral College
in Michigan

After repeatedly failing in the Michigan Legislature, the National Popular Vote campaign wants to put its anti-Electoral College proposal before the voters in 2022. The California-based campaign will attempt to gather 340,047 valid signatures from Michigan voters once the ballot language is approved. If that happens, voters will have their say in next year’s midterm election.

The National Popular Vote interstate compact (NPV) was created by John Koza, a wealthy Californian, after Al Gore’s loss in the 2000 presidential election. NPV would manipulate the Electoral College in an attempt to force it to rubber-stamp the popular vote result. In theory, it could have made Al Gore and Hillary Clinton president. Whether it would work as intended, or be upheld by the courts, are significant questions.

In addition to the possible ballot measure, Michigan legislators could still try to pass NPV through the legislative process. Contact your state legislators today to let them know your thoughts. They're hearing from NPV lobbyists, make sure they hear from you.