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What is National Popular Vote?

Posted by in Threats on Jun 03, 2019 blog

In the aftermath of the 2000 presidential election, some Al Gore supporters determined to do away with the Electoral College. Amending the Constitution is hard—rightly so. So these disappointed Gore …

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The Electoral College protects Middle America

Posted by in Electoral College on May 24, 2019 blog

SOS Director Trent England writes in USA Today that the National Popular Vote interstate compact, if it takes effect, would mean “rural and small town Americans who supply our food and energy will lo…

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Hillary deserved to lose, the Electoral College deserves to stay

Posted by in Electoral College on May 16, 2019 blog

In 2016, the system worked. It was not a “wrong-winner election” or a fluke. One reason the American Founders put the Electoral College into the Constitution was to protect against regional politics.…

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AOC gets it wrong on the Electoral College

Posted by in Electoral College on May 13, 2019 blog

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has called the Electoral College “a shadow of slavery’s power” and says it “undermines our nation as a democratic republic.” She deserves credit for noting that our coun…

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Electoral College is good for Kansas

Posted by in Electoral College on May 03, 2019 blog

The Constitution is full of checks and balances, and the Electoral College was created to put some balance in presidential elections. The will of the people matters, but it is filtered through states…

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Delaware joins anti-Electoral College compact

Posted by in Threats on Mar 29, 2019 blog

The first state to ratify the Constitution became the 13th state to join an effort to sidestep the Electoral College when Gov. John Carney signed legislation yesterday to join Delaware to the Nationa…

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Hamilton on the Electoral College

Posted by in Electoral College on Mar 14, 2019 blog

It's an interesting fact that, despite modern angst, the Electoral College was one of the least controversial parts of the Constitution during the ratification debates. Writing in Federalist essay No…

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