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Understanding the CCP threat

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) rules mainland China as a one-party state, where non-party members have no political rights. There is no transparency; no freedom of speech, religion, or the press, and a history of violent repression—including the gruesome Tiananmen Square massacre of pro-freedom protesters. The CCP is working to prepare for future conflicts by building up its military but also by extending its influence into nations like the United States.

Some CCP influence operations are currently legal and may seem innocuous. The CCP has sponsored programs at universities and in primary and secondary schools. It encourages certain kinds of cultural programs and sends its citizens to study, work, and invest in the United States. Many people who come to America from China are in fact fleeing oppression, but some are working for the CCP or for entities that it controls.

The CCP also sponsors illegal and openly hostile acts against American interests and infrastructure. For decades, American companies and workers have suffered from China’s theft of our intellectual property. More recently, CCP-sponsored computer hacking has not only targeted American businesses but also government agencies and critical infrastructure.

China’s communist rulers are pushing to expand their power and their ideology. They are laying the groundwork for future hostile acts, even war. America won the Cold War by pursuing peace through strength—a strategy of preparing for the worst in order to prevent the worst from ever happening. Now is the time to do what is necessary to protect Americans from the CCP threat.