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How ESG threatens you

Radical activists use ESG policies to manipulate businesses, then use businesses to manipulate the rest of us. While supposedly about responsible Environmental, Social, and Governance policies, what ESG really does is cost you money in higher prices, fewer jobs, and a worse outlook for our economic future.

The greatest risks are in energy, from the electricity that powers our technology to the gasoline and related fuels that still make nearly all our transportation networks possible. The price of all goods and services is partly determined by the cost of energy. And a collapse in the power grid quickly becomes a threat to human lives.

ESG campaigners don’t care, insisting on “goals” to eliminate established fuels in the near future. They also demand biased hiring practices where race, sex, and other categories are more important than competence and skill. Even being pro-abortion is sometimes lumped in as an ESG goal.

Some ESG policies are distractions or even marketing gimmicks. Others do real economic harm to all of us. Economist Paul Mueller has written that ESG goals “are often counter to the interests of shareholders and large segments of society.”