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What the Tiananmen Massacre means in the United States today
Trent England • Jun 04, 2024

Thirty-five years ago today, the Chinese Communist Party directed its military to crush pro-freedom demonstrators in Beijing. Since that time, the CCP has systematically suppressed information about the slaughter in Tiananmen Square. The event and its aftermath are stark reminders that the governing elites in China are tyrants desperate for control and willing to use force against innocents. If anything, the regime has grown more vicious since it rolled tanks over protesters in 1989.

The CCP’s crackdown in Hong Kong, shutting down media organizations and throwing people into prison for social media posts, is just one example. Fox News reported yesterday that “Hong Kong police arrested seven people on suspicion of alleged sedition over their posting of social media content about commemorating the Tiananmen crackdown.”

The repression extends into the United States. Just last year, an investigation exposed a network created by the CCP’s Ministry of Public Security designed to harass Chinese dissidents living abroad, including in the United States. Worse, law enforcement uncovered a secret CCP “police station” operating in New York. Again, the purpose was to extend CCP power within the United States.

A government willing to run over its own unarmed citizens with tanks and shoot them down as they’re fleeing should be taken seriously as it attempts to extend power within the United States. Here at Save Our States, we are beginning to work with partners like State Armor to assist state officials as they stand up and push back against these CCP operations.

(Note: An interesting collection of original documents about the protests and massacre in 1989 is provided by George Washington University.)