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Defending the Electoral College and the Constitution since 2009

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Weekly Headlines: March 28-April 3
Harry Roth • Apr 02, 2021

Jewish Policy Center: Can the Founding Fathers Help With Today’s Challenges?

The Electoral College is widely misunderstood, especially because of the anomaly that a candidate can win the Presidency by winning the Electoral College but losing the popular vote. There have been calls for the replacement of the Electoral College by a direct national popular vote, or, since amending the Constitution would prove too difficult, through implementing the National Popular Vote Compact, which provides that the candidate who wins the national popular vote will automatically receive all of the electoral votes in each state.

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The Register-Guard: Letter to the editor, We are a republic, standardized testing and our national debt

I will try to respond to Joe Valasek’s letter, along with all the other purposely obtuse people, who continue to gripe about the Electoral College for not being “fair” in our “democracy.”

First off, we do not live in a “democracy.” We live in a constitutional republic. The founders did not like democracy and did not give us one because it amounted to mob rule. Is that the opinion of modern “right-wing” kooks? Research on the Constitutional Convention and the Federalist Papers.

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