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Weekly Headlines: March 21-27
Harry Roth • Mar 26, 2021

National Review: How Federalism Thwarts Dystopia

About a third of the U.S. population lives in just four states (California, Texas, Florida, and New York), but our system of government ensures that a handful of populous states cannot dominate the affairs of the entire nation. South Dakota soybean farmers have their own interests, distinct from — and sometimes rivalrous to — those of Wall Street financiers or Silicon Valley entrepreneurs or low-income people in San Antonio. Federalism, properly understood and properly implemented, gives them a chance to say “Hell, no!” (or maybe just “No, thanks!”) to policies and laws reflecting values and priorities at odds with their own.

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NWF Daily News: Electoral College prevents domination by a few states

The Electoral College is designed to keep a few states from dominating the rest.

Originally that was New York and Pennsylvania. The concept is still the same today, keeping in mind we are a Representative Republic, not a Democracy.

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