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Weekly Headlines: March 14-20
Harry Roth • Mar 12, 2021

The Slate Online: Opinion commentary – Take five minutes: Disbanding the Electoral College is a disaster for democracy

In 1787, in the sweltering midsummer heat of Philadelphia, the founders pieced together the Electoral College in the Constitution, which would become the cornerstone of a new nation that had never been seen before. However, in recent times, many have derided the Electoral College as outdated, unfair and worthy of replacement with a popular vote system.

Although conducting presidential elections based on a popular vote is an appealing concept, ridding the United States of the Electoral College system would bring innumerable consequences. The system must remain intact to protect our elections because it prioritizes each state on an individual level, allows for candidates to consider the needs of all states while campaigning, and creates an effective voting system. It is not reason enough to eliminate the Electoral College even when considering controversial elections where the candidate lost the election but won the popular vote. If the country was to opt for a process that based its winner solely on the recipient with the most votes, then the states with the largest populations would dominate and candidates would naturally only campaign in those key areas to secure votes.

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The Hill: Without change, a plan for a national popular vote could undermine the presidency

The National Popular Vote interstate compact has a serious flaw that would likely undermine not only coalitions but the very legitimacy of the presidency. Under NPVIC, states vote for the “winner” even if that candidate received much less than a majority of national votes. Winning with only 30 percent of the popular vote would undermine the legitimacy of a president. NPVIC encourages wealthy, populist or more extreme candidates to run, hoping moderate candidates split the rest of the vote.

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KFYR TV: Senator Cramer, others protecting Electoral College in new bill

Sen. Kevin Cramer , R-N.D., along with Sen. Marco Rubio , R-FL, and Sen. Bill Hagerty , R-TN, are standing behind a bill that protects the Electoral College process.

The bill would require the Comptroller General of the U.S. to submit a state-by-state reporting on potential election fraud that had occurred in the 2020 election, and how states changed their laws.

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