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Weekly Headlines: Jan 31-Feb 6
Harry Roth • Feb 05, 2021

Townhall: National Popular Vote Proposal Will Cause Chaos in the Courts

A quiet, well-funded effort is underway to change the way voters in New York and other states choose the president. The plan would upset the balance of power between small and large states and between big population centers and everybody else. Giant metros like New York City would become the focus of campaigns, while other voters would lose power.

The National Popular Vote interstate compact (NPV) would fundamentally change presidential elections, but does not follow the constitutional process for making such a monumental alteration. Already, 15 states and DC have passed NPV legislation. Together, they control 196 electoral votes--the compact takes effect if joined by states that control at least 270 electoral votes. But by avoiding the amendment process, this anti–Electoral College compact threatens to create major legal issues that would lead to chaos.

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The Western Journal: Movement to Abolish Electoral College Suffers Defeat at the Hands of Virginia Democrats

A bill aimed at adding Virginia’s 13 Electoral College votes to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact was pulled from consideration in the state’s Senate last week.

The bill would have entered Virginia into the agreement which requires states to allocate their Electoral College delegates to whichever presidential candidate garners the most votes nationwide, regardless of the outcome within their own borders.

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The Daily Torch: Democrats seek to undermine Electoral College through compact scheme

Legislatures in all 50 states have either joined or considered joining a compact that would require them to give future presidential Electoral College votes to whichever candidate is deemed to have won the most national votes, regardless of how the state voted. Under The National Popular Vote (NPV) scheme larger states would silence the voices of Americans in less populous states.

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning said “The NPV scheme would shred the Constitution, deprive states of their voice in electing the president, and plunge the nation into an electoral crisis.”

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