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Weekly Headlines: Jan 10-16
Harry Roth • Jan 15, 2021

InsideSources: What’s the True Agenda Behind the Movement to Abolish the Electoral College

One of Georgia’s 16 presidential electors cast her Electoral College vote for Joe Biden but says, if she had it her way, the United States would do away with the constitutional election process altogether—a radical and dangerous position.

“I support abolishing the Electoral College,” former Atlanta City Council President Cathy Woolard said during a recent interview. “I think all too often the popular vote has been overturned by the Electoral College and that doesn’t seem right to me.”

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The Wall Street Journal: The Electoral College Saved the Election

Scholars, pundits and progressives widely despise the Electoral College. They think it antiquated, irrational and undemocratic and argue for scrapping it in favor of a national popular vote.

But in 2020, when many hallowed American institutions submitted to street demonstrations and violence, the Electoral College proved a steadfast guardian of democracy. It can’t solve our problems on its own, but has given us a measure of stability to try for ourselves. A national popular election in 2020 would have made our problems immeasurably worse.

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Real Clear Politics: We Need the Electoral College Now More Than Ever

If you’ve ever wondered why America needs the Electoral College, the state-by-state process for electing a president, look no further than the angry mob that attacked the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Without it, contested elections, massive political protests, and civil unrest would likely occur with much greater frequency.

The framers of our Constitution distrusted government power, but they also worried about mob rule. To protect us from these twin evils, our founders deliberately created a decentralized system for choosing our chief executive. Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution provides that the president is to be chosen by “electors” selected by each individual state.

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