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Maine joins the National Popular Vote interstate compact without Governor's signature
Harry Roth • Apr 16, 2024

Governor Janet Mills allowed National Popular Vote bill LD 1578 to take affect yesterday, committing Maine's four electoral votes to the compact.

Save Our States Executive Director Trent England had this to say in response:

“It’s unfortunate that Gov. Mills is allowing NPV to become law, and revealing that she doesn’t want her fingerprints on it. The measure aims to strip Maine voters of their power in presidential elections in favor of a convoluted election process used by no major democratic nation today.”

“It has no provision for runoffs, recounts, or conflicts, while relying on cooperation from states that refuse to join the compact. In the real world, NPV would lead to election crises far worse than anything seen after the 2020 election.”

With 209 electoral votes committed, NPV is now 77% of the way to being enacted. We'll continue to keep you updated on our fight to stop NPV.