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KOLO 8: Group opposes changes to Nevada elector process
Guest Author • Apr 27, 2023

On April 17, 2023, Assemblyman Howard Watts encouraged his colleagues to vote yes on Assembly Joint Resolution 6.

“Electors in this state must, with limited exception, must make their presidential elector ballots for the national popular vote winner.” That is the essence of Assembly Joint Resolution Six of which Assemblyman Howard Watts is the sponsor. He is the majority whip and represents District 15 in Clark County.

The resolution, if passed, would place Nevada in a multi-state compact where all the states in that compact agree to tie their electors to the popular vote. The compact does not take effect until enough states join, totaling 270 votes which would elect the President of the United States.

Nevada can withdraw from the pact at any time.

“What we are trying to move to is a system where every individual voter’s voice has weight,” says Watts.

The resolution would need to pass the legislature this year and during the 2025 session. It would then go to a vote of the people.

AJR 6 would change Nevada’s constitution to allow for the six electors to cast their votes this way.

“The process they are going through in Nevada is extremely unusual,” says Trent England.

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