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Hillsdale President Larry Arnn on the Electoral College
Guest Author • Aug 30, 2019

Outraged Hillary Clinton supporters want to get rid of the Electoral College. Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn explains in The Wall Street Journal why this would be a "disaster."

The Constitution reflects the paradox of human nature: First, that we alone among earthly things may exercise our own volition; second, that sometimes we exercise such power badly. This is why we require laws to protect our rights, as well as restraints upon those who make and enforce those laws.
The Constitution is paradoxical most of all about power, which it grants and withholds, bestows and limits, aggregates and divides, liberates and restrains. Elections are staggered, so as to distribute them across time. The founding document also divides power across space; the people grant a share of their natural authority to the federal government, but another share to the states where they live.
This innovation is most directly responsible for the greatness of the United States.

Read the rest of Dr. Arnn's extremely well reasoned explanation.