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Defending the Electoral College since 2009

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Defending the Electoral College since 2009

Daily headlines for Dec. 21
Harry Roth • Dec 21, 2020

Neutral Articles

CNN: Why the Electoral College is here to stay -- for now

“President-elect Joe Biden's victory in this week's Electoral College vote formalized a win that has been known for over a month. Although the outcome was favorable to Democrats this go around, most Democrats would like to change the system of electing the president to a popular vote.

But history tells us that unless the political environment changes dramatically, the chance of a shift to a popular vote is minimal.”

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Cato Institute: Presidential Elections: A Primer

"We have had rancorous elections before, but no re-election with an incumbent has been this bitter or this prolonged since Jefferson beat Adams in 1800. We have been electing presidents every four years since 1788, through recessions and depressions, through civil war, world war, and the threat of nuclear war. This year, for the first time ever, a candidate who won a majority of the Electoral College is still being challenged. Denial, accusations, and anger abound."

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Negative Articles

The Monroe News: Eliminate gerrymandering, Electoral College

“I think most people would agree a hot topic today is how can the electoral process be improved to avoid the ongoing accusations of corruption. Can you imagine how much money has already been spent on attorney fees on both sides? Let me set this up.”

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Time is running out

There is a real, immediate threat to the constitutional way we elect our president. National Popular Vote is 76% of the way to implementing their dangerous plan.