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Daily headlines for Dec. 18 copy
Harry Roth • Dec 18, 2020

Positive Articles

The Oklahoman: Electoral College serves country well once again

“Perhaps all the attention paid to the Electoral College this year will serve to curb efforts to do away with the system, which has served the nation well and did again this year.”

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Neutral Articles

Yahoo! News: Electoral College: Reform it, replace it or keep it?

"The members of the Electoral College on Monday cast their votes to affirm Joe Biden’s win in the 2020 presidential election, delivering a decisive blow to President Trump’s attempt to overturn the result. Despite the tally ending in their favor, some Democrats used the occasion to revive calls to abolish the Electoral College and replace it with a national popular vote.”

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The Daily Sentinel: After the Electoral College

"We have had rancorous elections before, but no re-election with an incumbent has been this bitter or this prolonged since Jefferson beat Adams in 1800. We have been electing presidents every four years since 1788, through recessions and depressions, through civil war, world war, and the threat of nuclear war. This year, for the first time ever, a candidate who won a majority of the Electoral College is still being challenged. Denial, accusations, and anger abound.”

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Negative Articles

TheGrio: Like the Electoral College, Georgia’s runoff system is historically racist

“There are two types of electoral systems used for voting. The first is plurality, in which the winner of the election is the candidate who gets the highest number of votes. In an election with more than two people running, this can mean a winner can get less than majority support.”

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