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Increase participation in local elections

Insiders love weird election days. They always know where and when to vote, even if the rest of us get little information about these “off-cycle” local elections. Consider the school board races where fewer than a hundred voters participate—many, perhaps most, are employees of the school district.

This is bad for representation, and fails to provide the accountability that comes from competitive elections. Elections, after all, aren’t supposed to be just for elites. Moving local elections to the normal election cycle is better for ordinary voters and for accountability in government.

Here are some points you might use for a letter to the editor.

  • Voter turnout has been declining in America for decades.

  • There is only one reform that will, for sure, increase participation in elections.

  • That reform is to move local elections to our regular Election Day.

  • Holding local elections at odd times only benefits insiders.

  • Ordinary voters benefit from consolidating election days.

  • Democratic elections only produce real representation and accountability if voters show up and vote.

And here are some articles that might help you think about what to write.

Visit the website of your local newspaper to find the email or webpage to submit a letter. If you want to see lists of newspapers in your area, you can find those here (the largest papers are listed first, with links to lists for each state below that). And feel free to contact us, we’re glad to help you with your letter.