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Defending the Electoral College and the Constitution since 2009

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Save South Dakota

To save our republic, we must save our states—and state officials must use their own constitutional powers rather than waiting on federal officials.

South Dakota can defend the Electoral College, promote honest elections, protect our economy, and safeguard our infrastructure against foreign threats—but policymakers need to hear from you.

South Dakota

Make your
voice heard
in South Dakota

Defend the Electoral College in South Dakota

The Electoral College is part of our constitutional system of checks and balances, but the National Popular Vote campaign is trying to destroy it. Their plan to nullify the Electoral College could silence South Dakota voters. Your state legislators need to hear from you now.
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Stand up to the People's Republic of China

China’s communist government oppresses its people at home and is desperate to extend its power abroad—even in the United States. Local and state officials must act to stop foreign influence operations, defend our economy, and secure our infrastructure. Alert your community by sending a letter to the editor.
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Increase participation in local elections

Special interests are the only winners when local elections are held at strange times. Let’s return power to voters by making it easier to vote in local elections by holding them on Election Day. Share this information in a letter to the editor to your local newspaper.
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