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Defending the Electoral College since 2009

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what are you looking for?

Defend the
Electoral College
in Maine

In the fall of 2022, lobbyists are offering free trips to Maine legislators willing to consider subverting the Constitution's presidential election process.

The American Founders created the Electoral College to provide checks and balances that protect presidential elections, but a California-based lobbying campaign called National Popular Vote (NPV) is trying to destroy that process.

NPV uses state legislation to change how presidential electors are selected. States would ignore their own voters and give away their electoral votes based on the national popular vote. In Maine, this would mean ignoring both statewide and congressional district results. And combining NPV with ranked-choice voting could distort the election result and lead to uncertainty about who won.

NPV takes effect if passed in states that together control 270 or more electoral votes. Currently, 15 "blue" states with 195 electoral votes have passed it. That means NPV is 72% of the way to hijacking the Electoral College.

Contact your state legislators and tell them to protect Maine's voice and defend the constitutional, state-by-state presidential election process.