Save Our States - Scholars Council

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About Save Our States

  • Hadley Arkes
    Director, James Wilson Institute

    Washington D.C.

  • John S. Baker
    Visiting Professor, Law Center at Georgetown University

    Washington D.C.

  • Randy Barnett
    Professor, Georgetown University Law School

    Washington D.C.

  • Elizabeth Busch
    Professor, Christopher Newport University


  • Bernard Dobski
    Professor, Assumption College


  • Ian Drake
    Professor of Political Science & Law, Montclair State University

    New Jersey

  • Justin Dyer
    Professor, University of Missouri


  • John C. Eastman
    Former Dean, Chapman University School


  • Matthew Franck
    Professor, James Madison Program at Princeton University

    New Jersey

  • Patrick Garry
    Professor, University of South Dakota School of Law

    South Dakota