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Watch, listen, read, and share these resources about the importance of the Electoral College and the danger of the National Popular Vote campaign.

  • Sean Parnell testifies in North Dakota (3/18/2021)

    Testimony of Sean Parnell, Senior Legislative Director, Save Our States to the Government and Veterans Affairs Committee of the North Dakota House of Representatives.

  • Trent England testifies in Arizona (2/11/2021)

    Trent recently testified in Arizona on HCR 2021, which is a concurrent resolution in support of the Electoral College.

  • Trent England testifies in Nevada (4/24/2019)

    Testifying before the Nevada Senate Committee on Legislative Operations and Elections, Save Our States' Trent England points out that one organization supporting National Popular Vote actually elects its president using, well, basically an electoral college of its own.

  • Trent England testifies in Connecticut (2/22/2017)

    Save Our States Executive Director Trent England testified at a Connecticut legislative committee about the importance of the state-by-state presidential election process.

  • "The Electoral College and Direct Election" (7/22/1977)

    "The Electoral College and Direct Election"
    Professors Herbert Storing and Martin Diamond
    U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee
    July 22, 1977