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Speakers Bureau

Below is a list of Electoral College experts who may be available for talks, debates, or interviews. Speakers are listed by state, but we can also set up virtual meetings and, in some instances, travel to your event.

Available Speakers By State


  • Dr. Lenore T. Ealy
    Executive Director, Philadelphia Society
  • Allen Mendenhall
    Professor of Law, Faulkner University


  • Robert Hathorne
    Retired Business Owner
  • Tim Horn
    Civic Leader
  • Alex Meluskey
    Business Owner


  • Dr. Graham Walker
    Executive Director, Independent Institute
  • Ryan Williams
    President, Claremont Institute


  • John C. Eastman
    Professor of Law & Community Service, University of Colorado Boulder


  • Christian Adams
    President, Public Interest Legal Foundation
  • John S. Baker
    Visiting Professor, Law Center at Georgetown University
  • John Malcolm
    Vice President, Heritage Foundation
  • David M. McIntosh
    President, Club For Growth
  • Arthur Milikh
    Associate Director and Research Fellow, Heritage Foundation
  • Matthew Spalding
    Dean, Hillsdale College
  • Hans Von Spakovsky
    Senior Legal Fellow, Heritage Foundation


  • Scott Yenor
    Professor, Boise State University


  • Anne Schlafly Cori
    Chairman, Eagle Forum


  • Kimberly Shankman
    Dean, Benedictine College
  • Susan Orr Traffas
    Professor, Benedictine College


  • Dr. Gary L. Gregg
    Director, McConnell Center at the University of Louisville


  • James Stoner
    Professor, Louisiana State University


  • Bernard Dobski
    Professor, Assumption College

New Jersey

  • Ian Drake
    Professor of Political Science & Law, Montclair State University

New York

  • Josiah Peterson
    Adjunct Instructor of Rhetoric, King's College


  • Trent England
    Executive Director, Save Our States


  • Hon. Phil English
    Former Representative, U.S. House of Representatives


  • John Ryder
    Former General Council, Republican National Committee


  • Tara Ross


  • David Foster
    Attorney At Law
  • Michael C. Maibach, MA
    Distinguished Fellow, Save Our States
  • Lisa B. Nelson
    Chief Executive Officer, American Legislative Exchange Council
  • Sean Parnell
    Senior Legislative Director, Save Our States
  • Dr. Jason Ross
    Department Chair for Doctoral Programs and Research, Liberty University
  • Dr. Jeffrey Salmon
    Professor, Claremont McKenna College
  • Garrett Sheldon
    Professor Emeritus, University of Virginia
  • Adam White
    Assistant Professor of Law, George Mason University