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Watch, listen, read, and share these resources about the importance of the Electoral College and the danger of the National Popular Vote campaign.

  • Trent England testifies in Connecticut (2/22/2017)

    Save Our States Executive Director Trent England testified at a Connecticut legislative committee about the importance of the state-by-state presidential election process.

  • Is there an official national popular vote count?

  • National Popular Vote and Election Fraud

  • Electoral College encourages broad coalitions, moderation

  • The myth of "wrong winner" elections

  • Why do we have the Electoral College?

  • Was the Electoral College created to protect slavery?

  • National Popular Vote: Recount Madness

  • National Popular Vote and Rural America

  • The Fight to Preserve the Electoral College

    Save Our States Executive Director Trent England joins a panel hosted by the Heritage Foundation to discuss the threats facing the Electoral College.