From Bill Clinton to Barack Obama, through every recession and rise in the economy, we've had one constant this century: A flood of money to the California far-left from Dr. John Koza. Check out "Do NPV & Koza really ♥ California Republicans?" and "Who is John Koza?" for the full scoop on Koza’s background pushing scratch-ticket lotteries and National Popular Vote (NPV).

Now certainly there's nothing wrong with participating in politics, as long as it's honest. The question is how seriously anyone should take Koza's current campaign to convince California Republicans to back NPV.

To investigate for yourself (there’s over 50 entries) click here.

$50,0002008Yes on Prop 93
$25,0002006No on 77
$21,2002003Friends of Cruz Bustamente
$20,0002009Dem. State Central Comm. (CA)
$17,3002006Angelides 2006
$10,0002002The Governor Gray Davis Comm.
$10,0002010Dem. State Central Comm. (CA)
$10,0002010Brown for Governor 2010
$10,0002010Brown for Governor 2010
$10,0002009Garamendi for Governor 2010
$10,0002002The Lockyer Committee
Grand Total: